Friday, 27 April 2012

Welcome to the Dynamic Duos Design Team!

I would like to welcome the inaugural design team for Dynamic Duos...introducing the visit their blogs please click on their names below.

Our first challenge will happen on Saturday, May 5th.  I have also chosen a winner from the FACEBOOK Colour Choice Challenge...but I am not saying who won, as I want our first colour combo to be a surprise!  We are VERY excited about the first Dynamic Duo!

The challenge is divided into weekly "themes"...
Week 1-Bold and Sassy-bright, happy colours
Week 2-Subtly Yours-soft, romantic colours
Week 3-Black Tie-one colour plus black and a dessert option
Week 4-Monochromatic-same colours in different hues (light/dark)
Week 5-Mix and Match-we choose one colour and you add the other colour to ours to create your own "Dynamic Duo".

We hope to see you on Saturday, May 5th for our inaugural challenge! Thank you to everyone who applied to the team. Choosing the new team was extremely difficult! It was a wonderful response! Thank you! I am excited to be working with these lovely ladies and look forward to seeing the projects created each week for the challenge.

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Wow - what a pool of talent!! Congrats to all of the inaugural DT members.

  2. Congrats to the DT...looking forward to playing! :D

  3. Hello Lesley
    You have put together a wonderful team here I will be looking forward to your first Challenge. Congratulations to all the Dt's.

  4. This is going to be an EXCITING adventure. I look forward to ALL of the creations. (The best part about being on the design team, is that I HAVE to look at the entries. That means I can honestly say to my family "I'm working" as I am browsing other people's amazing blogs and cards!!)

  5. So excited for you Lesley. What a FANTASTIC team you have put together!!! I can't wait to play! :)

  6. Ok now that the happy dancing is complete (well maybe not!) I wanted to pop in to say HELLO! Thrilled to be part of this new adventure!!

  7. As if it's not exciting enough to have Lesley starting a brand new challenge blog! I am absolutely over the top excited to be a part of the team! I can't wait to get started and am looking forward to witnessing creativity in action while meeting lots of fabulous people! :) Counting down the days!!

  8. Very exciting news, and I cannot wait to play! Congrats to the new DT!

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